Welcome to the DayZ Clan Network.

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DayZClans.com is a social network just for survivors and bandits. Anyone may register and either start or join a Clan. Each Clan gets a front page with blog posts, widgets, a private Mumble channel with password, and a private forum that only members of your Clan may view. This is a great place to share documents, rosters, strategies, and anything else to help ease communication. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube support will be installed soon. Ryan’s personal blog is at DayZPvP.com

To register for DayZClans.com (most functions do not work without being logged in) CLICK HERE.

To learn how to use DayZ Clans CLICK HERE

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Large clans with their own websites and forums might only use this site for a splash page to send recruits to their site for their own internal recruitment. Any group without their own site and forum can call DayZClans.com their home. Clans with a website can use DayZClans.com to find willing, eager recruits to keep their communities growing.

This site uses two different types of forums, an Open Forum, and a Private Clan Forum for each Clan which may be confusing at first. Anyone can use the Open Forum which can be seen by any registered member. Keep secret information in the Private Clan Forum. The open forums can be found here.

Thank you for participating in this exciting new network. Please email info@DayZClans.com with any suggestions, comments, or concerns.

I enabled comments here if you want to shout something at me.


  1. Love what your doing with the site man, keep up the good work, i’m glad to be a member.

    • That’s awesome thank you. I have been busy the last few days, but get ready for a lot of changes this week. Should be fun. Please let me know if there are any features or changes you want.

      • Hey i kind of want to get my clan out there so i can get more members, would you be willing to give me any ideas on how?

        • Some of my main software just got an update, so once the main plugins are also updated I am going to take this site to the public. Right now there is very little traffic, but pretty soon that will not be the case. Once I start promoting this thing (helped by active people like yourself) things will start to take off.

          Do you guys have a TS or mumble server? If not I am going to try and get a partner so that my users here always have a voice server to use. That might help you out. Beyond that I will work with you guys to try and get more people to your pages, there should be some nice changes coming real soon.

          • sweet, that sounds awesome, no i dont have a teamspeak or mumble server, it might be nice to have one, so thanks for the offer, currently im using skype and steam. again, love what your doing with the site, awesome work

        • Just get a decent amount of stuff and a few players and people will start joining. Like me, for instance.

  2. Thanks a bunch for making this website. It truly helps. I’ve been a member for 24 hours and already connected with someone through my group….still looking for other true Survivors. I am the admin for the Zombie Tactical Squad Federation. Hey…if ya wanna play, join up! Thanks again! Take ‘er easy…


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