This is what you want to do to get started at DayZ Clans:



  1. THERE MAY OR MAY NOT BE ADULT CONTENT ON THIS SITE. JUST LIKE IN DAYZ, THIS IS A FREE SOCIETY. DO NOT ABUSE EACH OTHER OR THE SYSTEM. BY REGISTERING YOU ARE AGREEING TO THESE TERMS.  Please click here to register for the main site. After you confirm your email you can edit your profile. Look at the bar at the very top of the page, select “My Account” then Profile. Edit your Profile to your choosing.
  2. After you register, go to your email and click the activation link. Adding your avatar at this point may not work. To add your avatar click “Profile – My Settings”, then click “Avatar”.
  3. Click on Clans or click here to see the Clan Directory. You can start a new Clan, join an open Clan, or ask for an invite to a Private Clan. CLICK HERE TO CREATE A CLAN – Or go to the “Clans” tab and click “Create a Clan” If you have created a Clan you are the admin and may add other people as Admins or Members. You can invite people on the site, or input the email address to invite them that way. Right now if you click on a Private Clan you can not see their page *THIS IS A BUG*. You should be able to click on a private group and request an invite. Not working right now.
  4. Clan Admins may edit the front page of the clan. A couple things are not working just yet. Settings lets you put a header, links and text. If you click on the Group CSS button you can FULLY CUSTOMIZE the colors of your page. Pick a theme and tweak it, or link to your own Custom CSS file. More options and widgets will be installed soon.
  5. To use the Private Clan Forums click on the “Forum” button when you are on your Clan page.
  6. There are also Open Forums that can be reached by clicking the “Forums” button then select “Open Forums” or just click here. These boards can be seen by anyone so be careful what you post.
  7. Some of the functions can only be accessed by using the menu bar way up at the top of the page.The Settings menu in the bar all the way up on the top has a lot of things you can configure.
  8. To set up the Clan’s private Mumble channel click here to go to the Servers page.
Please post bugs in the Test Forum or Test Clan.  If you are logged out you can see the names of private Clans, but you can not see their Frontpage. If you log in you can see everyone’s Frontpage but not read their private forums.

Let me know if anyone is having problems with these steps please by contacting me here or comment below.

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