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Survival Operations
is a semi-hardcore Tactical “Mil-Sim” community for DayZ based on the US Marine Corps structure and motifs. Although fun, friendship and the fact that this is a game are of paramount importance. We are looking for a tight nit, core team supported by many highly skilled and adverse players. Our group is highly active, skilled, dedicated to the team and the mod. With a core leadership team comprised from real world Military Personnel (USMC / ARMY), and several founding members having military backgrounds as well, we feel we can create something unique to DayZ.


Soviet of Chernarian Armed Guerrillas 

SCAG is an elite North American DayZ clan functionally similar to various historical Marxist guerrilla organizations. They espouse humble proletarian values and a willingness to help those in need. The core leadership is comprised of experienced players and tacticians who welcome noobs who are eager to learn and live as guerrillas amongst comrades. Their strength lies in the three Ts: Tolerance, Temperance, and Teamwork. Click the banner above for more information.


Surviving the Horror

We are Surviving The Horror, and collectively we aim to fight
against the evil that is Creating The Horror, who aim to kill
anyone and take control of land, air and sea, and rule this new
land, taking advantage of the fragile situation.We on the other hand, must band together and fight. Letting the
innocent die has forced our hand and we must take up arms to fight
against them to restore balance between the human race, as we
aren’t fighting against the main threat to our very existence
which put us here in the first place. We aim to clean towns of the
walking dead and set up a safe zone for civilians to once again
call home, yet we cannot do this without your help.
Join STH now and end this madness once and for-all.

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