Group Description
Survival Operations
is a semi-hardcore Tactical „Mil-Sim„ community for DayZ based on the US Marine Corps structure and motifs. Although fun, friendship and the fact that this is a game are of paramount importance. We are looking for a tight nit, core team supported by many highly skilled and adverse players. Our group is highly active, skilled, dedicated to the team and the mod. With a core leadership team comprised from real world Military Personnel (USMC / ARMY), and several founding members having military backgrounds as well, we feel we can create something unique to DayZ.

Players will be required to go through several stages of training events (basic and advanced) based on real-world standards, training tactics, and ideals. If you’re interested in pushing yourself and being part of a community to be reckoned with, then Survival Ops is the place for you!

Group Contact Info
Name: Meta

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