Survival Operations (SOPS)

Group Description
If you wish to join, go to the forums and make a post there. Remember, this is a laid back, fun clan where a bunch of people can survive Dayz together.


This group is for those that are tired of being alone. For those that hate wandering for hours, only to get killed and lose all of your hard earned loot. For those that want to have someone to back them up. This is Survival Ops. This isn’t Mil-sim, or a strict community. The goal is to have fun and be successful. We have each others backs at all times. We kill bandits and save those that need our help. We keep each other alive.

If this sounds like your type of play style, join.

This group is based in the United States. (-5 GMT/ -8 GMT).

As of right now, the only means of communication will be through this website.

Edit: This might be used as a temp. TS server...

Website will be up shortly.

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