I am Runnergunner631 or what my friends call me Snoop/Gandalf. I like dayz especially combat and survival. Im not a squeaker and you can easily tell my voice im 16. I just want to be in a nice laid back not completely serious group. I do this for fun mostly and ive been doing it lone wolf for too long.

Ive played from dayz mod to now. I know all the towns on the coasts and most of other main locations of the map. Im not a noob.

My steam is Runnergunner631

Also if yall dont got a ts3 im ina gmod gaming community and we have a nice teamspeak with plenty of rooms and so if yall ever need it the ip is and aslo this ts3 should never be down. My name on the ts3 is Snoopalf The Weedzard.