Group Description
Admins - xbeast013 & martemyota

Welcome to the Soggy Bottom Boys Clan

Well me and my friend decided to start a
clan for dayz we are looking for some
cool people to start playing with me
(xbeast013) and my friend (martemyota)
play dayz regularly and want to get a
group of people to play with

Im 19 and my friend is 21 we dont really
want alot of little kids to play with by that i
mean we want people like 17 and up.
You must have skype so we can
communicate while we play.

For a better experience in the Clan and
the game we use an iphone app of the
dayz map where we can join groups and
make rally point and see players
locations along with sending out emails
to member about when we are gonna

Group Contact Info
Name: Hunter

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